For those that choose to participate, Halloween can be a fun opportunity for kids, teens, and adults to let their imaginations run wild and be whatever they want to be for a day. Though costume parties are especially popular during this time of year, another tradition that most kids can’t resist is going trick-or-treating! In this day and age, some parents may be cautious about letting their kids go to strangers’ houses to ask for candy. But with the proper knowledge and tools, trick-or-treating can be a fun and safe activity to participate in. Here are some tips to make your Halloween a hit. Not only will you come home with some tasty treats, but also some great memories!

Check The Weather Forecast

Living in Florida can bring some unique challenges, especially as it relates to weather. Though traditionally autumn is associated with the beginning of chilly weather, that is usually not the case here in the south. The average high temperature at the end of October in Florida is normally in the 80s, while the lows run from the low 70s to upper 60s. Keep this in mind while picking out costumes! While a costume idea can seem wonderful in the comfort of an air-conditioned department store or home, walking around in a heavy or restricting costume can quickly turn into walking around in your own personal sweat-box. If the evening is going to be particularly warm, a portable fan and some cold water bottles will help keep everyone cool throughout the evening. Even a couple of hours of walking around in the heat can cause over-heating or dehydration.

Plan Out Your Trick-Or-Treating Route

If you are trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood then this may not be a big issue, but if you are venturing out to other neighborhoods or public areas, having a planned route can make the night go more smoothly. It is also a good idea to have a place to meet up so that, should someone get lost, they can go to this spot and find everyone again. The meet up spot should be a well-lit place and easy to remember.

Make Sure Your Have A Safety Plan

Along with a pre-planned meeting place, there are other things that can be done to keep everyone safe. If you have or take care of kids and you will not be supervising them while they are trick-or-treating, make sure that you trust the person or people accompanying them. Exchange phone numbers and make sure they know where you will be in case an emergency arises.

If you are going trick-or-treating after dark, glow sticks can make it easier to spot your group as they make their way to each house. They can also be less burdensome to carry around than flashlights. Glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, and wands can be found at your local dollar store.

Check Your Treats

At the end of the night, before everyone eats the treats they’ve worked so hard for, take a moment to inspect the candy that has been received. In the past, the news has reported people finding things such as drugs and shards of glass in Halloween candy. Though the chances of this happening to your family may be slim, it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Take Pictures!

Though it may seem like something small at the time, having pictures of these moments with your loved ones can help you enjoy the night for years to come!

These are just some tips to make this year’s Halloween experience the best one yet! And while you are out enjoying the festivities, let us help you keep your property protected with a good homeowner’s insurance policy. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to find the best homeowners policy for you.