Owning a boat can give you a sense of freedom that few people get to experience. Being able to enjoy the smell of the salty ocean air and the possibility of a sea adventure at your fingertips are just a few of the benefits of owning your own vessel. To keep your investment protected against the unexpected events life can sometimes throw our way, a great boat owner’s insurance is essential.

Depending on the type of boat you own and the state you live in, boater’s insurance may not be mandatory. While some homeowner’s insurance policies do cover the costs of unanticipated damages to your boat, the amount of coverage given may not be enough for more expensive repairs. Any damages to your boat may also have to occur at your home for your homeowner’s insurance to kick in. That being said, even if your boat does not require separate insurance coverage, there are things out of your control that can contribute to its’ wear and tear.

In Florida, where there is an abundance of boat owners and unpredictable weather conditions, things such as busy waterways, hurricane threats, and heavy storm risk can lead to greater potential costs when it comes to repairing damages on your vessel. In addition, if you plan to keep your boat at one of Florida’s marinas, many do require that you have boater’s insurance to use their facilities.

So why should you spend a few extra dollars for boater’s insurance? Some of the things that a good policy can help with are:

Medical payments in case you or a passenger sustains an injury while aboard.

Liability coverage if damage occurs to others.

Coverage in case you sustain an injury or your boat is damaged from an uninsured boater.

Coverage for towing should you be marooned and need to be towed to a port.

Coverage for water sports and fishing gear, and any personal items stored on your boat.

A good boater owner’s insurance policy can be an inexpensive way to make sure you enjoy your boat for years to come. Without the right coverage, an unexpected event can turn your seafaring adventure into a financial nightmare. And just as your boat is more secure with a proper boater’s insurance policy, your home can also be protected with the right homeowner’s insurance policy.

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