Though the dates of the Atlantic hurricane season will always be June 1st to November 30th, each new
season has the potential to be destructive and, in some cases, deadly. While there is usually plenty of
warning before a hurricane or major storm hits, having a plan in place for your family can make
navigating through a scary time a bit easier. Here are some things to keep in mind as you start to outline
your plan of action.

September is the most active month for hurricanes to occur.
• The effects of a hurricane can be felt for more than 100 miles inland.
• If you are in a mobile or manufactured home, locate your closest hurricane shelter. You do not
want to stay inside your home during a major hurricane threat.
• Become familiar with your evacuation route should the need arise.
• Estimate how much time you’ll need ahead of the storm to gather supplies for at least three
days. Supplies include food, water, and medication. Also keep in mind each person’s specific
• Figure out the best way to protect important documents. Keeping them in a safe (preferably
waterproof) place, or creating digital copies that are password-protected are both good options.
• Plan to keep up with basic home maintenance. Make sure drains and gutters are clear. Part of
your plan might include installing hurricane shutters, or having ready the measurements of any
windows and doors that may need to be boarded up.
• Know where you will store any lawn furniture and other articles around the outside of your
home so that they are secure and do not become flying objects.
• Make a list of what you want to include in your hurricane kit. This kit not only includes
everyone’s 3-day supplies, but can also have things such as batteries, flashlights, matches, and
• Plan on how you’re going to communicate with family members if the power goes out. This can
include calling or text messaging each other in the event you are separated.
Look up your city or county websites so that you know where to turn to when you need up-to-date
information during a storm.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind while you are creating your hurricane preparedness
plan. However, the best way to protect your family and home from the unexpected events of a major
storm is to have a complete home owners insurance policy.

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